Gourmet Fare

It’s Cocktail Time with a Cognac Cocktail

Vineyards producing grapes for cognac in the Cognac region. Photo ©BNIC Aurélien Terrade

Cognac, a magical world that brings to mind not only the spirit that is enjoyed the world over but the spirited region in which it is produced, Cognac, France. A region of unique soils and savoir-faire spanning centuries. But cognac, a brandy that must be twice-distilled in copper pot stills, with its unique taste is a perfect mix for a refreshing summer cocktail. The Gourmet Gazette enjoyed this recipe from the BNIC, the French acronym for the professional organization that represents, develops and protects French cognac and its AOC or controlled designation of origin label.

The Berry Split cognac cocktail by Guillaume Le Dorner. Photo©BNIC

The Berry Split was dreamed up by Guillaume Le Dorner, the mixologist at the Luciole Bar in Cognac. Refreshing and gourmet, the Berry Split brings zesty lemon and sweet strawberries to the lush brandy that is cognac. You need 1.4 ounces of cognac, and a half ounce each of lemon juice, strawberry syrup and verjuice (the juice of unripened grapes and very tart) and a few ice-cubes. Have on hand for the mixing and drinking, a shaker, a strainer and a martini-like stemmed glass (like the one in the picture). Put all of the ingredients in the shaker adding the verjuice last. Add the ice-cubes then shake away for a few seconds. Strain into the glass.
©The Gourmet Gazette

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