Gourmet Fair

A Gourmet Gazette Fine Wine and Fine Art Find

The art exhibition in the 18th century cellar of the Château Trians with the vine plant cast by Florie Carrer. Photo Courtesy Château Trians

The art of wine making has much in common with the making of fine art and a summer of art is to be found at the Château Trians, an estate known for its fine wines of Provence. Each year the house welcomes local artists to exhibit their works on the grounds of the estate and this year a magnificent vine plant ast by artist and art caster Florie Carrer welcomes the visitor to the exhibition which also features art works in myriad mediums by 5 other local artists and is held in an 18th century cellar. The exhibition is open to the public and free of charge.

The Saint Clément blanc 2019 from the Château Trians. Photo Courtesy Château Trians

The visit also offers the possibility of taking in the Saint Clément blanc 2019, a refreshing white wine produced by the house. Its dreamy yellow color is flecked with pale green reflections and it offers a powerful yet elegant aroma. The estate is located in the town of Néoules in the Var region of southern France in a land that was already appreciated by the Romans. Château Trians, created by the Delhom brothers, is located in an estate of 85 hectares (210 acres), 22 (54 acres ) of which are planted in vineyards, some of which are more than 65-years-old. The estate was awarded the organic agriculture label back in 2012.
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