Gourmet Fare

Original Oreos

The bright pink Oreo cookie package in collaboration with Lady Gaga. Photo courtesy Mondelez International

Paris, France — Oreos, possibly the most famous packaged cookies in the world. That delicious vanilla creme sandwiched in between dark chocolate cake-like cookies. Some people eat it all together. Or just the cream and then the cookies. But there is more in store for Oreo fans and especially Lady Gaga fans. The familiar blue packaging has been replaced, for a limited time only, by bright pink packaging inspired by the singer’s latest album Chromatica released in 2020. The limited edition Oreos are being sold in various stores throughout the United States and France where the traditional recipe will be respected, whereas in the United States the cookies are pink and have a green cream in between. In France, for example, fans can participate in a competition to win tickets for the Lady Gaga concert scheduled there on July 25th, meet Lady Gaga or sing with her on a digital platform.

Oreos, which celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2012 are sold in 100 countries around the world and the brand has over 40 million followers on Facebook. Oreo is owned by Mondelez International, one of the world’s largest snack food companies, and whose motto is Snacking Made Right.
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