Gourmet Fare

A Gourmet Gazette Fine Wine Find: Saint-Amour

The Saint-Amour 2021 Prestige fine wine find from Les Orfèvres du Vin. Photo courtesy Les Orfèvres du Vin. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

It is a ruby red wine with reflecting purple points and a delicate floral aroma. It has a lasting taste, woody and fruity at once. This is a nectar for the Gods, or for us actually, on Saint Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. Saint-Amour 2021 from the Prestige collection is being proffered by the wine cooperative Les Orfèvres du Vin which is specialized in the wines of the Mâcon and Beaujolais regions. Saint-Amour, Saint Love in English, is one of the great Beaujolais wines, an unsung hero of the region and a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or any day for that matter. .The vineyard of Saint-Amour lies in the most northern and one of the smallest regions of the 10 grand cru Beaujolais wines and is bursting with all of the taste and energy of the Gamay grape variety, berry fruity and slightly woody. The Gamay grape in the Beaujolais wine-growing region reaches astounding heights of great flavor  thanks to the good earth, a clay-like granitic soil. A versatile wine, it is perfect as an aperitif and excellent with beef dishes. It has been described as tender, harmonious even voluptuous. All fitting. The Saint-Amour 2021 Prestige  was elaborated by  the cellar master Amélie Thomas. Les Orfèvres du Vin is a cooperative of 70 wine professionals that was founded in 1929. The establishment regularly receives prizes for its wines, mythical wines like the Mâcons, the Pouilly-Fuissés and the Saint-Vérans among them. ©Trish Valicenti for The Gourmet Gazette


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