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Made in France: Alpérel

Organic yogurt-based ice-cream and strawberry jam from the house of Alpérel. Photo courtesy Alpérel. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France — In its ongoing Made in France series, The Gourmet Gazette brings to you these craft ice-creams and dairy products made right in the Greater Paris region from only natural and organic ingredients. Alpérel’s organic dairy products reflect the house’s principles of sustainable development and using the local in the fabrication of its products. The house has just launched its range of yogurt-based ice-creams flavored with homemade compotes or fruit purées known in French as compotées. Savors include strawberry, raspberry and exotic fruits. The house of Alpérel was founded in 2000 in Montriond in Savoie and its name is a contraction of Alpes and airelles, the French word for cranberries. With Françoise Maman at the helm the hallmarks of the house became craftsmanship and flawless quality. House favorites include the organic dark chocolate sorbet, an unctuous affair of fair trade chocolate from the Dominican Republic and the intense dark chocolate ice-cream. Today the house has re-located to the town of Trappes just outside of Paris and has been under the direction of Karima Rafik since 2016. It has maintained the original philosophy and elaborates its organic ice-creams and sorbets with master pastry and dessert chefs.

The organic dark chocolate sorbet from the house of Alpérel. Courtesy Alpérel. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Alpérel launched its range of organic products in 2017 which are fashioned without artificial colorings or flavorings and have a remarkable intense flavor emanating from the natural ingredients that they are made with. The milk comes from the Grignon farm located just 10 kilometers (six miles) from the workshops, the organic yogurt is made 20 minutes away while the coffee used in its products is roasted just 30 minutes away. The house has been recognized since 2016 at an Artisan de Qualité, a Quality Craftsman by the Culinary College of France, a consortium of leading French chefs that aims to showcase their suppliers of produce and products. Their products are available in leading grocery stores throughout France and from their on-line boutique.
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