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Alpine Art

The Alpine art car by Obvious. Photo courtesy Alpine. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France — It was one of the mythical French racing and sports cars, the Alpine, invented in the 1950s it made a comeback in 2018 and entered into a new era for art and innovation this spring in Paris. Alpine unveiled the A110 Sastruga at Art Paris, a leading modern and contemporary art fair in Paris last April 6th. The unique car was wearing the colors of Obvious, a collective of artists and researchers that has pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in art. The jazzy looking Alpine with its mosaics and designs in myriad shades of blue proved to be a real eye catcher and star of the fair as it sat in front of the temporary Grand Palais exhibition center with the Eiffel Tower as a dramatic backdrop and the Ecole Militaire.

The Alpine art car by Obvious. Photo courtesy Alpine. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

The art car as Alpine dubbed its A110 Sastruga aims to explore the potential of artificial intelligence and algorithms by setting up a dialogue with technology and the creative process. The Obvious collective drew its inspiration from Alpine’s sporting heritage and created a unique car which showcased an imaginary race track which was a synthesis of all the race tracks that Alpine has distinguished itself on. So on the body of the A110 there is an imaginary circuit that was generated using artificial intelligence while the style draws its inspiration from what is known as the sastrugi phenomenon when snow eroded by wind leaves geometric undulations on the ground.

“Obvious succeeded in capturing the DNA of our brand to create an original and unique piece of art highlighting our firm outlook on the future. Obvious and Alpine share the same ambition: to use technological innovation to reinvent ourselves and explore an ever-expanding field of possibilities. Through this collaboration, we are proud to contribute to the emergence of a new form of creation and be associated with these visionary artists, » said Laurent Rossi, the Alpine CEO, at the unveiling presentation.

The Alpine art car by Obvious. Photo courtesy Alpine. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé, Alpine has asserted itself over the years with its French-style sports cars. In 2018, the brand presented the new A110, a sports car that reflects Alpine’s principles of compactness, lightness, agility and driving pleasure. In 2021, the Alpine Business Unit was created, to become the dedicated brand for the innovative, authentic and exclusive sports cars of the Renault Group.
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