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Moments in Time: Ice Time

The Ice-Watch for Children. Photo courtesy Ice-Watch. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Ice-Watch, the iconic Belgium brand, is on a constant quest for innovation and quite frankly what looks like an awful lot of fun. Today we bring you two of the house’s latest additions to the world of watches and trendy time: the solar powered ice Watch and the Ice-Watch junior the to help to teach your children to tell time watch. Both are outfitted with the clean lines, designs and simplicity of movement that are hallmarks of the house.

The solar power Ice line lets the wearer consume in a more intelligent fashion. There is no battery to recharge, the watch itself is entirely rechargeable. The house has launched a small sized line geared especially for women and children. The watch is light on the wrist, comes in sustainable packaging and is recharged using daylight although it can capt artificial light as well. It is outfitted with an exclusive system by the Japanese company Miyota that fits miniature solar panels into the watch’s dial. Miyota, which creates watch movments, is a pioneer in solar technology and is constantly looking to improve the energy potential of light. The solar power Ice watches are equipped with a classic quartz movement and weigh in at only 30 grams. The collection is available in 12 different models ranging from a natural bright white to an orange pink version known as California. The Ice-Watch comes in a felt pouch made from recycled plastic bottles. It takes nine to 35 minutes to charge the watch in direct sunlight and when it is charged at 100% it can run for three and a half months.

Meanwhile the house’s new Ice-Watch junior is outfitted with large numbers that are easy to read and large bi-colored hands with one color for the hours and the other for the minutes while a third hand, longer and thin, counts down the seconds in an animated fashion. The Ice-Watch junior is a solid affair made out of steel and its 28mm dial is perfect for small hands. There are three colors for boys: navy blue, bright red and white. And three for girls:sky blue, mauve and violet. Although you can mix and match as you wish. The watches are housed in the house’s classic cube Becubic which can double as a treasure box or a piggy bank.
©Trish Valicenti for The Gourmet Gazette

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