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A new and healthy breakfast alternative for children is on the table right now in France with a line of breakfast cereals made from only natural ingredients. NATtm cereals were created using a lengthy innovative process that places the consumer at the heart of the development phase. The natural ingredients are transformed into cereal using a simplified process so as to preserve the nutrients found in the ingredients. The house has just brought out its honey and almond cereal and its chocolate and strawberry cereal. The base for the cereals is oatmeal and whole wheat and they do not contain artificial colors or flavors, or palm oil.


NAT’s strawberry and chocolate cereal

In France, the government has put into place a nutritional labeling system, the Nutri-Score with the highest score being A and the lowest being E. The scores are attributed once the level of beneficial nutrients like fibers, proteins and fruits and vegetable for 100 grams have been analyzed. Nutrients that should be limited are taken into account as well like calories, saturated fats, sugar and salt. The NATtm chocolate and strawberry scored a B, the second best rating while the honey and almond scored a number one A rating.

NAT’s honey and almond cereal

Behind NATtm is Cereals Partners Worldwide who makes Nestlé breakfast cereals and which used a product development approach that gave the team total autonomy and included parents and children who answered their questions and took them grocery shopping and tested the prototypes. More than 500 parents and 200 children participated.
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