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A Parisian House of Chocolate

Oolong tea, jasmine, mint, Madras curry and honey are just a few of the fine flavors that give a festive taste to the original chocolate squares awaiting to be tasted at Edwart, a craft Parisian chocolate maker using only the finest of vintage pure plantation chocolates, each coming from a specific region.

Gift Boxes of Chocolate Squares from Edwart
Photo Patrik / The Travel Buds/Copyright Edwart

« We work exclusively with Pure Plantation Grand Cru chocolates and like for wine and coffees, these exceptional chocolate couvertures impart unique gustatory notes to the chocolate specific to their lands of origin, » explains Edwin, the founder.
While the squares which come in gift boxes filled with 16 to 100 pieces are the hallmark of the house and the perfect size for a chocolate tasting in one of Edwart’s two boutiques or at home, the house also creates bars, tasty
bites of chocolate covered almonds and hazel nuts or lemon and orange zests and a luscious chocolate butter to spread out over, let’s say, pound cake for example.

Edible Hiliis by Edwart
Photo Patrik / The Travel Buds/Copyright Edwart

But the fun really begins during the holiday seasons with a cast of edible imagined characters dreamed up by the house. A case in point are the hilarious Hiliis (pictured above) which were brought out for Easter, delicious little monsters that people the purely fictional planet of Trekull, a planet made up of pure plantation chocolate, pistachios and coal.
And if you want to step into the life and times of a chocolate maker, Edwart organizes convivial chocolate making workshops in its rue de Rivoli shop for two to 10 people in French and English upon reservation.
©The Gourmet Gazette

244 rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
01 49 27 03 55
17 rue Vieille du Temple
75004 Paris
01 42 78 48 92

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