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Ilgiz the Illustrious

Blue Poppies by Ilgiz F
Photo courtesy Ilgiz F
Bullfinch necklace by Ilgiz F
Photo Courtesy Ilgiz F

Each piece is a work of art, a work of art that seems to sculpt nature, harnessing its beauty into a unique piece of jewelry. There are the blue poppies, the bullfinches, the flower-like rings in swirls of color. There is a stunning brooch-pendant in gold, diamonds and moonstone crowned with red poppies made with the hot enamel technique. These are among the intriguing works of Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, the artist jeweler who is regarded as a master of the Grand Feu enamel technique and who was born in Kazan where he studied at the Nicolaï Fechine School of Art before moving to Moscow. Today his art works of jewelry have received international renown ranging from prestigious auctions at Christie’s to winning the Grand Prix in International Jewelry Design Excellence which was awarded in Hong Kong and which he won twice, in 2011 and 2013. And the Kremlin in Moscow devoted an exhibition to his works in 2016. Today his works are on display in the Galerie Ilgiz F just steps away from the Elysées Palace in Paris, home to the president of France. Here five Art-Nouveau style glass display cases showcase his unique pieces while the walls are enhanced with drawings illustrating the departure point for each piece of jewelry. He draws his inspiration from nature, Art Nouveau and Art Deco and his earliest creations reflect the traditions of the Volga Tatars who are native to the Volga-Ural region of Russia. Mr. Fazulzyanov founded a workshop of stained glass and silk painting in Kazan in 1990 before opening his first jewelry workshop in 1992.

The Ilgaz F Gallery in Paris
Photo Courtesy Ilgiz F

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday but it is advisable to make an appointment.

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Galerie Ilgiz F
4 rue de Miromesnil
75008 Paris, France
+33 (0) 9 81 43 97 14

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