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Family Affair: The Marvels of Mauviel

The copper induction cooking utensils from the house of Mauviel 1830. Press hand-out Photo ©Stéphanie Muratore Courtesy Mauviel 1830

It all began back in 1830 in the Bay of Mount Saint Michel region when Ernest Mauviel founded his kitchen utensil making workshop whose products are known throughout the world today in the kitchens of professionals and individuals alike.The goods were originally manufactured in copper, the best of the heat conductors but the company would expand and diversify into diverse materials like steel, cast iron, aluminium and, largely, multi-layer stainless steel. And still today in the family-owned house, still today in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel, 70 craftsmen carve, assemble, hammer, strike, polish, stamp and shape 1,300 utensils including the house’s cult pieces: the fish kettle, the turbot pan and the braising pans.

The house, Mauviel 1830, is headed up by the seventh generation of the Mauviel family, Valérie Le Guern Gilbert, and the house has just brought out its latest addition the M’6S line of copper utensils that can be used in induction cooking. The collection is composed of six layers of material bringing together stainless steel, aluminium and copper.
©The Gourmet Gazette

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