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Watch Matters: Mother-of-Pearl

Mollusks produce one of the most beautiful of materials: mother-of-pearl, also called nacre which is both an organic and inorganic material. In jewelry and watch making it is the thin nacre coating that adheres to the shell of the mollusk, and it is found in some of the most emblematic species of mollusks like the abalone and the conch. Iridescent, it is not only scintillating to look at, it is a strong material that shines on watch dials conferring upon the timepiece a rich appearance.

The latest addition to the Classics Delight Automatic Collection from Frédérique Constant sporting dials in mother-of-pearl.

The Swiss watchmaker Frédérique Constant has chosen mother-of-pearl for the dials of its latest models to its Classics Delight Automatic Collection. Available in navy blue mother-of-pearl or light gray mother-of-pearl the delicate timepiece has a case diameter of 33mm. The dials are ornamented with guilloché work and 8 diamonds which offset the Roman numerals. The house often works in mother of pearl witness the Art Deco collection which pays tribute to the Roaring 20s. The timepiece is outfitted with an oval-face dial which imparts upon it a glamorous allure. The watch is available with a white or midnight blue mother-of-pearl dial worked in guilloché and ornamented with Roman numerals and eight diamonds. This is accessible luxury, a value defended by the house since its inception in 1988.

The Art Deco watches from Frédérique Constant with their mother-of-pearl dials.

Meanwhile the Swiss house of Alpina enriched its most emblematic collection The Alpina Comtesse Lady Collection at Baselworld 2019 with its finely crafted mother-of-pearl dials with diamond detailing. Initially launched in 1963, the range of Alpina Comtesse watches brings together sportiness and elegance. The four new Comtesse timepieces are available in stainless steel or yellow gold-plated steel and feature a 34mm diameter case and are driven by an Alpina AL-240 quartz movement. The mother of pearl dial comes in white or black.

The Alpina Comtesse with a dial of white mother-of-pearl.

And on the other side of the border, French watchmaker Michel Herbelin has revealed its Newport Royale timepiece with its mother-of-pearl dial in white or anthracite punctuated with diamonds and elegantly set off against a steel bracelet. ©The Gourmet Gazette

The Newport Royale watch from the house of Michel Herbelin, the white mother-of-pearl dial is on the right.


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