Gourmet Time Wear

A Tale of Telling Time

Time flows, sometimes too quickly. Sometimes it would be nice to see just how quickly so we can appreciate every moment. And that is precisely what the new limited edition Soonow timepiece from HYT watches enables the wearer of the wrist watch to do. It does not give you the time, it allows you to watch the seconds roll away through an intriguing combination of art and science.

The HYT Soonow timepiece Photo courtesy HYT

The flow of time is visualized through a patented fluidic module working in harmony with an exclusive mechanical movement. The watch dial bears a skull, another reminder of the passage of time, a memento mori, that has provided creative inspiration from Antiquity to the present day. A total of 313 18-karat gold pins form the contoured masterpiece on the watch’s titanium dial. The watch is outfitted with a mechanical manual winding movement and has a power reserve of 65 hours. The handsome 48.8 millimeter case contains the tantalizing blue or green liquid flow which portrays time in a linear fashion. The watch has been brought out in two editions, one with the green liquid, one with the blue liquid, of 25 pieces each.

The HYT Soonow timepiece Photo courtesy HYT

HYT, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, brings together science, high technology, philosophy, art and design to create unique timepieces reflecting the flow of time.
©The Gourmet Gazette

Available in Paris at
271 rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris, +33 1 42 60 50 72

Available in New York at
430 Park Avenue at 56th street
10022 New York, + 1 212 888 0505

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