Gourmet Fair

In Awe of Archeology

A youngster discovers the fascinating world of zoological archeology.

This weekend the National Archeology Days are kicking off from June 14th through to June 16th in France for the 10th time and for the first time in Europe. For three days visitors can go backstage into this domain that is at the frontier of human sciences and science, a field that studies the material traces of civilizations from the dawn of time to the contemporary age. Fun and educational activities are on the agenda with simulations of digs, workshops in ceramics, mosaics and to get into prehistoric mode flint carving. More than 1,000 events will be held and are accessible to one and all with the opening up of some current dig sites in France.

No End in Sites

High points include archeology villages in which to discover the discipline and the latest advances and discoveries. You can take a plunge into the Olympic Games of Roman Antiquity at the ancient swimming pool in Tournon-sur-Rhône or visit the old copper mines in Thillot in the Vosges Mountains. While medieval archeology is on the agenda at the Toy Museum in Poissy outside of Paris. It is also a fine occasion to visit France’s National Archeology Museum in the beautiful Parisian suburb of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, regarded as one of the finest museums devoted to the domain in the entire world.
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