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The House of Gringoire: Joyful Jewelry

Les Intemporelles (The Timeless) collection from Gringoire

Fine craftsmanship and precious and brilliantly colored materials are the hallmarks of the Parisian house of high jewelry Gringoire. Founded in Paris in 1880 by Achille Hourdequin. His son-in-law Gérard Gringoire would take up the reins of the family affair in 1942 and the house, today is known throughout the world.The colorful and aptly named Rainbow Collection has just been enriched with delicate versions of runs and bracelets in a panoply of colorful rubies and sapphires. They can be worn from daytime to nighttime and remain refined and elegant and especially iridescent. The princess cut stones dress up simple bands of yellow gold.

The Rainbow Collection collection from Gringoire
Les Romantiques (The Romantics) collection from Gringoire

This colorful collection comes on the heels of two recent releases revolving around rings and precious stones. The Les Romantiques (The Romantics) is a courtly collection of rings paved with rubies, sapphires or emeralds surrounded by swirls of diamonds and set in white gold. Meanwhile the house has recently intensified its Les Intemporelles (The Timeless) collection with a trio of rings in myriad shades of pink. Set with either a pink French amethyst, a pink quartz stone of rhodolite in contemplative cushion cuts. The term French amethyst refers to the color of the stone which is a light shade of purple.
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Available in Paris at
32 avenue Matignon
75008 Paris, France
+33 (0) 1 77 37 05 05

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