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Moments of Happiness, by the Dutch artists, the Verhoeven Twins, being presented by Piaget at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’ora Photo ©Piaget 2019. All Rights Reserved

Within the context of the great art event that is the Venice Biennale, the house of Piaget is presenting Moments of Happiness, a masterpiece by the Dutch artists, the Verhoeven Twins, at the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca’ d’Oro. The work is being presented at the gallery as part of the Dysfunctional exhibition taking place there. The beautiful and intriguing work brings together classic symbolism and cutting edge technology. Throughout the history of art, bubbles have expressed the ephemeral and he Verhoeven Twins have created an enduring object out of this ephemeral subject for the bubble embodies beauty, the beauty of life. A notion that the house of Piaget has embraced with their emphasis on the sunny side of life, a name which has also been given to their high jewelry and watch collections. Each of the house’s creations has the vocation of expressing joy and shared happiness. Moments of Happiness is composed of myriad bubbles in borosilicate glass, the most stable and most transparent glass ever to be fashioned by man. The glass in the sculpture of the Verhoeven Twins proffers an iridescent glow that seemingly floats in the air. For the first time the artists have incorporated gold into one of their works to reflect Piaget’s savoir-faire in the delicate working of gold.
The work is on show from May 8th through to November 24th

Calle Ca’d’Oro, 3934
30121, Venice, italy
+39 041 522 2349

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