Gourmet Fair

A Great Guinguette

A convivial venue on the banks of the Seine Photo courtesy Petite Lune

Summertime has just received a head start in Paris with the opening of the Bal de la Marine, a festive ephemeral eco-friendly guinguette located on the banks of the Seine just below the Eiffel Tower, which is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. A guinguette is a typically Parisian suburban affair with the term describing popular drinking venues, often a restaurant and a dance and cabaret venue. The term finds its origins in the French word guinguet, meaning a local white wine, somewhat on the sour side. Today the majority of these establishments which are increasingly rare are found in the suburbs on the banks of the Seine and Marne rivers. And today the Petite Lune (Little Moon) organization is putting them right into Paris at four locations offering a fun, authentic and intergenerational experience. The Bal de la Marine venue is located in the Port de Suffren which is found by taking the left way down to the Seine with your back to the Eiffel Tower. An ambiance of fun, dance, a rich musical programme, good food and drink and sustainable development is on hand at the venue, sustainable development because that is one of the core elements of Petite Lune. Products served at the guinguettes are organic, seasonal and are locally sourced and showcase slow foods. The venue is open from 4pm until midnight from Monday to Friday & from noon until midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.
©The Gourmet Gazette

4 Port de Suffren
75007, Paris, France

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