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Suzanne Syz Art Jewels: Special and Spectacular


The Breaking the Rules ring in pink gold, silver and set with a tourmaline by Suzanne Syz

Fun and at times flamboyant the Art Jewels of Suzanne Syz burst forth often in the sumptuous colors of Pop Art. Every piece is a one of a kind unique objet or in very limited editions like the electrifying Edison’s Enlightenment earrings in white gold and blue aluminum set with 128 diamonds brought out in a limited edition of two. There is the Grass Green Velvet Ring in gold and enamel set with a peridot, stones known as the emeralds of the night, weighing in at 16.53 carats,perfect for anyone born in August and a unique piece. And on another velvety note there is the Orange Velvet Ring in pink gold and enamel set with 1 Spessartite garnet of 11.89 carats, the perfect and unique piece gift for a January baby.


The Born to be Daring earrings in white gold, silver, enamel and set with diamonds and spinelles by Suzanne Syz

Geneva-based Suzanne Syz is renowned for her unconventional designs which draw inspiration from myriad sources: nature (her first piece was The Frog ring), objects of everyday life, joy and are wrapped up in swirling, scintillating colors of which violet is her favorite signature color. Suzanne Syz was born in Zurich, educated in Paris and moved to New York in the 1980s where she was part of the art circle of Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat. Today she lives and works in Geneva where her lovely purple boudoir showroom is located.

Unusual and unique stones are an integral part of her jewels. Her born to be daring earrings in white gold and enamel ripple with nearly 300 diamonds and two spinelles offering a luscious combination of red and sparkling white. There is the pink gold ring set with a magnificent pinkish violet tourmaline and droplet peridots.


A ring in pink gold, silver, enamel and set with a tourmaline and droplet peridots by Suzanne Syz


The Wrap it Up Ring in turquoise aluminum, pink gold and set with diamonds by Suzanne Syz

But you’ve missed the Wrap it Up Ring, looking ever so much like a bow for a wrapped gift, in turquoise aluminium, pink gold and set with 45 diamonds. It is just one of the many unique pieces that has already been sold. « The  most joyful moment comes when my pieces are chosen by a woman who brings them to life » explains Suzanne Syz.

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By appointment

Art Jewels, 1204, Geneva, Switzerland, + 41 22 310 1673

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