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Very Versailles

A fan from the royal court of Versailles, Galerie des Modes, a Creation of the Rmn-Grand-Palais. Photo courtesy Rmn-Grand Palais. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Versailles, France — Heading out to Versailles to be a queen or a king or just a member of the royal court for a day or two? The castle offers a fine opportunity to immerse oneself into 17th and 18th century France. A time when the fun and the pastoral as well as the stately were all the order of the day. In the 18th century the elegance and lightness of French fashion and style radiated throughout the courts of Europe. Ribbons and bows and sparkling jewels but the pastroal, too, reigned as fashionable themes. Anything Marie Antoinette like — from elegant clothing to nature and flowers inspired by her hamlet replete with a dairy —became immediately fashionable then and remains so to this day.

Flower earrings with drop pearls in enameled brass, Galerie des Modes, a Creation of the Rmn-Grand-Palais. Photo courtesy Rmn-Grand Palais. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

The nice thing about Versailles is that you can take a piece of it home with you from the castle’s elegant boutiques filled with everything from books to tea and refined, well-researched collections brought out by the Rmn-Grand Palais, France’s public cultural establishment. Rmn-Grand Palais has just brought out a new collection of delightful creations that draws its inspiration from the refinement and the adornments of the 18th century. The Rmn-Grand Palais invited the creative studio of Happy Remix Production to create this exclusive collection entitled Galerie des Modes, some 20 accessories that are rooted in two major 18th century works revolving around the fashions of the 18th century which is often referred to as the Enlightenment. The collection includes jewelry, myriad bags, barrettes, hair ornaments, jewelry boxes and even a fan, an 18th century essential. The colors are in a powder palette: pale greens and blues, dusky pink and milky white enlivened with stones and rhinestones. In short another delightful collection from Rmn-Grand Palais. The establishment manages a unique network of boutiques and bookshops in 34 museums in France. Its unique products, often emanating from some of France’s finest craftsmen, delve into history, art, culture and the works of art in each establishment and are absolutely unique. The two boutiques at Versailles are clearly worth a visit. Discover the latest collection, Galerie des Modes, a creation of the Rmn-Grand-Palais in the slide show below.
Collections also on sale at

A Gourmet Gazette Slide Show

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