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Le Tour de France in Tourtel Twist Style

The Tourtel Twist Beer Bike for the Tour de France. Photo courtesy Tourtel Twist. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Le Tour de France, the celebrated cycling race, kicked off in Denmark on July 1st for the first three legs of the tour with the fourth leg heading down from the north of France on July 5th. One of the memorable sights, sounds and tastes of the race are the famous caravans carrying treats for the crowds lining the pathways of the cyclists. This year Tourtel Twist, the leading beer without alcohol in France and an official supplier to the Tour, is driving around France with the tour and its caravan members will be handing out some 350,000 cans of their tasty thirst-quenching beverage with a lemon or raspberry taste twist.

Six Tourtel Twist vehicles will join the Tour’s impressive line-up of caravans, four of which will be distributing the beverage while two floats with Tchin (Cheers) in blazing yellow and giant lemon and raspberries are part of the show. Fans along the way just need to hold out a hand to have a can since the vehicles travel at just 12 mph (20kph). The Tourtel Twists are kept cold in isothermal boxes on the caravan trucks.

Tourtel Twist is an official supplier to the Tour de France bicycle race. Photo courtesy Tourtel Twist. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

But this year a new experience awaits fans of the tour, the Apérovélo, a contraction of vélo and aperitif (bicycle and aperitif). Spectators can —with Tourtel Twist — cross over the finish line of 10 legs of the tour in a colorful vehicle called a beer bike that they pedal themselves. You can participate on the Tourtel Twist website (you need to scan a receipt for a purchase of a Tourtel Twist product) or very lucky spectators are chosen at random at the finish line (once the real Tour is over). The first Apérovélo is slated for the fourth leg on July 5th which winds up in Calais. Tourtel Twist, a non-alcoholic beer made with fruit juice and without any additives, was launched by the French beer brewer Kronenbourg in 2015.
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