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The Beauty of Botany

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Joseph Chaumet, Honeysuckle Bud Tiara, circa 1922, Paris, Collections Chaumet. Photo courtesy Chaumet. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France — A tantalizing tiara evoking sheaves of wheat, a diamond brooch of holly leaves, Claude Monet’s Iris oil on canvas. A breathtaking botanical exhibition is underway at the Beaux-Arts Paris exploring the influence of flowers and flora on jewelry creation. The Beaux-Arts of Paris and the high jewelry house of Chaumet are presenting the exhibition which has been curated by the botanist Marc Jeanson who was the director of the herbarium at the National Museum of Natural History of France. The show celebrates the eternal beauty of the worlds of vegetation through the ages and through the arts, juxtaposing pieces of jewelry with works of art depicting the world of flowers and ever flowing flora. Initiated by Chaumet, the house drew upon works from its incredible collections, one of the major collections of the history of jewelry in Europe. More than 70 museums, foundations, galleries, and private collectors from France and abroad have loaned works in myriad mediums.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, The Spring ©Musée du Louvre, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais -Angèle Dequier. Photo courtesy Beaux-Arts de Paris and Chaumet. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Entitled Vegetal, the School of Beauty, the exhibition brings together over 400 works offering the visitor a journey into 5,000 years of art and science in which paintings, sculptures, textiles, photographs, furnishings and some 80 pieces of jewelry from Chaumet and other houses form an ensemble drawn together by the world of plants and flowers. The Spring and The Summer by Giuseppe Arcimboldo received an exceptional authorization to leave their permanent home in the Louvre to join the exhibition while the Lily by Henri Fantin-Latour and Claude Monet’s Iris are among the art works that can be admired. An exceptional dress by Christian Dior and embroidered with lilies of the valley — the designer’s lucky charm flower — are also on display among the glowing and sparkling jewels. On show as well are drawings from the house of Chaumet that illustrate the initial steps in the fashioning of a piece of high jewelry. The house is celebrated for its tiaras and several astounding pieces — featuring flowers and various flora — are all a part of the show. Chaumet’s 2019 creation, the Carnation Brooch in diamonds and white gold is a particular stand-out.
©Trish Valicenti for The Gourmet Gazette
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A Gourmet Gazette Slide Show

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