Gourmet Fair

A Charismatic Castle Makes a Rare Request

The Domain of Chantilly dressed up for Christmas. Photo Courtesy Domain of Chantilly ©Christophe Tanière

Chantilly, France — It is one of the crown jewels of France. The Domain of Chantilly is home to the second largest collection of old paintings in France after the Louvre, the largest stables in Europe housing the Museum of the Horse and three different styles of elegant gardens. The castle and its residences are nestled into a fairy tale setting on the edge of a forest and it is here that you can enjoy authentic Chantilly whipped cream. But the domain that served as a set for films like Marie Antoinette and The Longest Day is making an appeal to the generosity of its visitors and friends. The Domain of Chantilly has been hard hit and continues to be hard hit by the public health crisis.

Small outdoor Christmas gourmet market at the Domain of Chantilly. Photo Courtesy Domain of Chantilly ©Christophe Tanière

The domain has always been able to count on its own resources like tickets sales and bookings for private events but because of the closures can no longer do so and the domain is not receiving any emergency aid put in place by the government. The year 2020 has been an unprecedented catastrophe in the history of the Domain of Chantilly which was closed during five months and as of November 1st had lost an estimated 4.5 million euros. With cultural institutions closed for the end of year holidays, the domain has had to cancel its equestrian shows, amongst the most popular in the country, resulting in a loss of an additional 500,000 euros. The magnificent park and gardens with a small gourmet market are open to the public with a special admission price of 5 euros and this through to January 3rd.

The castle of Chantilly surrounded by its grounds. Photo Courtesy Domain of Chantilly ©Christophe Tanière

The domain, unique in its genre, is home to the priceless collections of master art works and precious manuscripts, collections that were amassed by the Duke of Aumale, the son of Louis Philippe I, the last king of France and regarded as the greatest collector of his time. He bequeathed the domain and its collections to the Institut de France, the French Institute and it remains today as it was back then in 1886. Chantilly has been shaped and fashioned by its illustrious owners from the Middle Ages to the 19th century The oldest parts of the domain date back to the 16th century.
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