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Pegasus Exclusif perfume for men from the house of Parfums de Marly. Photo ©Courtesy Parfums de Marly. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France —It was back in 2009 that Julien Sprecher founded the independent and upscale perfume house of Parfums de Marly with the objective being to return to the golden age of perfume making, the 18th century and its splendor, and the extreme elegance of the French court from which it draws its name — Marly was a small castle to which the royals would retire to — and its inspiration. The court of Louis XIV was dubbed the perfumed court and beginning in the 17th century, Versailles was the cradle of perfume making. The court of Louis XV was filled with roses, flowers, fruits and exotic essences and was, too, known as the perfumed court. Louis XV, who was fond of making his own hot chocolate and marzipan in his private kitchen in the Versailles castle would also like to relax, as did Louis XIV, at the nearby Château of Marly, seven kilometers northwest of Versailles and nestled in a forest. Long walks, hunting and horses were all on the agenda. The castle is no longer there but today the castle’s grounds and park, a national historic monument, can be visited.

Pegasus Exclusif perfume for men from the house of Parfums de Marly. Photo ©Courtesy Parfums de Marly. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Eight years ago the Parfums de Marly brought out its eclectic men’s perfume, Pegasus, a markedly woody fragrance. And this year the house has brought out Pegasus Exclusif. The new version retains the most characteristic ingredients of the original, vanilla and bitter almonds. And is infused with a dramatic blend of myriad scents including amber, sandalwood, oud, jasmine, lavender and geraniums set off with bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and heliotrope. In short a heady burst of fragrances. The fragrance joins the house’s other classics like Delina, a woman’s perfume, with its bouquet of Turkish rose, lily of the valley and peony and the woody Athalia of iris, white musk and amber.
©The Gourmet Gazette

Parfums de Marly
In Paris
26 rue Cambon
75001 Paris, France
tel + 33 (0)1 85 09 49 49

In New York
805 Washington Street
New York, New York, 10014 USA
+212 352-3222
The house delivers throughout Europe

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