Gourmet Fair

A Coast of Legends

The chapel of the Wild Coast Copyright Slabous

Mystical blue waters, a chapel on a wilder shore, the panoramic fortress of Brest on France’s Breton coast emerge in the paintings Stéphane Labous. Drawing inspiration from the northern coast of the Finistère region in western France and the land of the Abers, the French artist fashions watercolors of the coast and maritime milieus bring to life a land of legends.

The lights of summer on the beach of Coulouarn Copyright Slabous

This is the westernmost point of continental France and it is surrounded by waters of navy blue, turquoise blue, blends of blue. The Finistère, a name derived from Latin, Finis Terrae, means the end of the earth. It is here one finds the abers, rugged fjord-like inlets that have given rise to more than a legend or two. Majestic lighthouses, beautiful beaches and coastal walks add another dreamy dimension to the scenery captured on canvas here by Mr. Labous.
©The Gourmet Gazette


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