Gourmet Time Wear

Moments in Time: Marvelous Moon Phase Time

The intricate dial of the Altiplano Original Moon Phase Haute Joaillerie Timepiece from Piaget. Photo courtesy Piaget. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Moon phase watches have always fascinated by their beauty, the complexity of the movement and the simple idea that part of the night sky is visible on your wrist for a moon phase watch is a timepiece that displays the different positions and phases of the moon in relation to the sun. Perfect craftsmanship and artistic beauty are the hallmarks of high watchmaking and Piaget unites the two perfectly in its new Altiplano Moon Phase Haute Joaillerie watch brought out in four enticingly beautiful models. 

Already when the house’s ultra thin Altiplano was launched in 1998 it incarnated the ultimate marriage of craft and elegance. White and pink gold and alligator straps are among the luxurious elements that compose these watches that are outfitted with an in-house movement. Each of the four pieces has been brought out in a limited edition of eight. These timepieces took two years to develop and brought into play major craftsmen and women. 

Nestled in a 36mm case is a transparent blue sky created by the master enamel artist Anita Porchet. It is dusted with ancient Chinese constellations represented by ever so tiny and precious stones. The dial of the watch presents four « guardians » representing a cardinal point and symbolizing a season and one of the four elements which emerge when night falls. The azure blue dragon indicates the east and is associated with spring and wood while the red bird of the south symbolizes the summer and fire. The white tiger faces west and is the companion of the autumn and the metal element while the black turtle faces north and embodies winter and water. And beneath this sky the moon rays are composed of diamonds, sapphires and garnets on the lower half of the dial. ©Trish Valicenti for The Gourmet Gazette. https://www.piaget.com/ww-en

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