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Messages in the Bottles-Beautiful Bottles

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Bottles in the Sea, the monumental sculpture by William Amor in up cycled plastic, Poppies, 2022, at the Beaugrenelle Paris shopping center. ©William Amor. Photo courtesy Beaugrenelle. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France — It is a beautiful shopping center nestled on the banks of the Seine and it is even more beautiful with two monumental works by the contemporary artist William Amor which seemingly float inside. Beaugrenelle Paris shopping center is showcasing the work called Bottles in the Sea a Poetic Garden, a work made from up cycled plastic bottles — the artist’s specialty. Between January and February of this year some 10,000 plastic bottles were collected by the clients, neighbors, boutiques and partners of Beaugrenelle Paris which the artist has transformed into two eye-catching works. The major monumental work which hangs from the top of the atrium is 13 meters high and seven meters in diameter and is a feast for the eyes, hundreds of flower-covered vines. Beneath this work is his Message Tree upon which messages from the general public and school children have been placed and which will be auctioned off on June 23rd with the proceeds going to the Bonnes Fées (The Good Fairies) charity run by the former Miss France beauty pageant winners to help women with breast cancer. Beaugrenelle invited people to contribute a positive message about the planet to slip inside the up cycled bottles. The monumental works are complemented by an educational and interactive exhibition on the theme of plastic and how it is recycled. The exhibition invites the public to see the impact of human beings on the environment but also imparts a message of hope for cleaning up this same environment.
©The Gourmet Gazette
Exhibition until June 30.
Beaugrenelle Paris
12 rue Linois
75015 Paris, France

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