Gourmet Wear

Regal Rubies

Rubies, diamonds and rose gold come together in the Precious Lace Collection from Chopard. Photo courtesy Chopard. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

It is all about the lightness of lace and precious stones woven together in a fluid intricate openwork pattern. Rubies, diamonds and ethical rose gold all come together in the latest pieces from Chopard’s Precious Lace Collection. The jewels with an eternal brilliance can be worn every day, simple, yet elegant, contemporary yet speaking assertively of high jewelry.

The pieces echo the scrolls and squiggles of scalloped antique lace while pear-shaped ruby petals emerge on the ring, earrings, pendant and bangle that compose the latest additions to the collection. The deep red color of rubies associated them with blood, love and passion. Meanwhile the art of lacemaking was perfected in Venice in the 16th century spreading across Europe to Belgium, France, Spain and England. The Precious Lace collection embraces the hallmarks of the house of Chopard, noble materials, a flair for details and the supreme skill of the house’s arts and crafts men and women.
©The Gourmet Gazette

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