Gourmet Fair

Artists Upon Emergence with Emerige

Folllowed by a Gourmet Gazette Slide Show

A work by the winner of the Emerge Revelations Grant: Hugo Capron, the Shrimp Candy. Hugo CAPRON – Bonbon crevette (XI), huile sur toile, 78x68cm, 2021. Hugo Capron. Courtesy Emerige. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France — It is a colorful world that comes together in Paris for Fireplaces, the collective show that brings together the 12 finalists for the Emerige Revelations Grant. It is an eclectic and intriguing competition open to artists that have no gallery backing, working in myriad mediums, are under 35 and are French or are working in France. Created in 2014 upon the impetus of Laurent Dumas, the president of the Emerige Group, the first prize brings to the winner the support of a gallery, a 15,000 euros grant to create his or her first personal exhibition and the use of a studio. The 12 finalists were selected from among over 1,000 applicants by a jury of art experts and players on the art scene.

The Fireworks Exhibition of the Emerige Revelations Grant finalists. Photo ©Rebecca Fanuele, Courtesy Emerige. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

This year the grant was awarded to the Dijon-based French artist Hugo Capron by the jury who met last October 19th. He will be supported by the Semiose Gallery for the year and his work on display is an oil on canvas dated 2021 and entitled Bonbon Crevette (Shrimp Candy) and it is an extremely eye-catching work of purple, yellow and orange hues. It forms a part of his series on fish, including the highly visual rays. His art work is highly aesthetic, decorative and actually quite exotic. The works of the 12 artists are currently on display in the light-filled Beaupassage Space (a space designed by Emerige) located at 16 boulevard Raspail in the chic 7th arrondissement of Paris until November 14th and is free of charge. Special guided visits are on the agenda for children. The show will then journey to the southern French city of Toulon where it will be exhibited from December 4th until February 13th.

The Fireworks Exhibition of the Emerige Revelations Grant finalists. Photo ©Rebecca Fanuele, Courtesy Emerige. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

The Emerige Revelations Grant, awarded for the 8th time this year, is regarded as a leading springboard for young artists and as its name implies clearly reveals new and emerging talents. The health situation has had a heavy impact on the world of arts and culture, so grants are today more than ever widely appreciated by the community and the world at large who then take in the beauty and the messages of the works. Emerige is a major player on the real estate landscape in Paris and the greater Paris region.
The exhibition is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from noon until 7pm.
©Trish Valicenti for The Gourmet Gazette

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