Gourmet Fair

A Place for Poetry

Paris, France — It is a world of sounds and symbols, metrics and more. It is a time for poets. The Poetry Market is kicking of once again in Paris on October 20th after an 18th month absence imposed by the health situation. Once again for the 38th time, editors, publishers, writers and poets will come together for this poetic occasion. The Poetry Market (Marché de la Poésie) is regarded as one of the largest in Europe and brings together creatives from across the continent and offers a showcase for myriad publishing houses and magazines concentrating on poetry. Readings, round tables, book signings, writing workshops, and concerts are all on the agenda. A resounding parade opened up the market which is being held for five days. The poetry of Slovenia and the various languages spoken in France — Breton, Catalan, Alsatian, Corsican — are highlights of the event. While the Quebecois publishing house of Noroît will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. French writer and playwright Hélène Cixous is the honorary president of the event. The event is being held on one of the most poetic squares in Paris, the Place Saint Sulpice in the sixth arrondissement. The splendid 17th century Church of Saint-Sulpice offers the historical and literary backdrop to the square of the same name. Inside is the great organ and the two halves of gigantic sea shells used as holy water fonts. French poet Charles Baudelaire was baptized in the church in 1821 and it is where Victor Hugo, writer, poet, politician, was married in 1822. A place of poetry and literature long before Dan Brown immortalized it in The Da Vinci Code.
©The Gourmet Gazette
From October 20th to the 24th
Place Saint-Sulpice
75006 Paris

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