Gourmet Fair

Color Me Colors, Cheerful Colors

With a Gourmet Gazette Slideshow

A colorful work by Smak3 at the Paris Colors Festival. Photo ©Combo. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

Paris, France — Looking for the upbeat, a happy time, welcome to the Colors Festival Paris, an initiative of the street artist Combo. The ephemeral collective show stretches out over 600 square meters and was created in just 14 days. It brings together more than 45 street artists, graffiti artists and illustrators in a space that was formerly occupied by the Business School of Paris and which was offered to the organizers by the Novaxia Group which works towards urban renewal. Installations, live performances and guided tours are all on the agenda for this artistic event whose theme is color. It’s all about friendship and brotherhood with good mood colors on hand like bubble gum pink and sunshine yellow. So even if you can’t be in Paris right now, we give you a glimpse of the show here at The Gourmet Gazette.
©The Gourmet Gazette
Through June 30th
81 Avenue de la République
75011 Paris, France

A Gourmet Gazette Short Slideshow

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