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The Bounty of Brittany

A beach scene in Brittany. Photo courtesy Perlucine. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

The vast coast of Brittany in western France is a series of beaches. boulders, and sand swept spaces. There is a special beach, a natural beach, made up of wild white oyster shells, shells of oysters that lived in the sea and whose shells washed ashore. The French house of Entre Mer et Terre (Between Land and Sea), specialized in marine-based beauty products, immediately seized upon a new concept, using the powder of the wild white oysters in their beauty products, giving the oysters an astonishing second life. Natural products from the sea offer anti-inflammatory and detoxing properties to the skin.

Perlucine shower powder made with white oyster shell. Photo courtesy Perlucine. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

The house which was acquired by Aquatonale, a company that works to develop the natural heritage of the region and which develops natural beauty products, is located in the heart of Brittany between the Jade Coast and the Morbihan Gulf. The house supplies spas, institutes and thalassotherapy centers around the world with their French-made beauty products. Enter Aquatonale which works on giving minerals a second life working with mussel, oyster and scallop shells as well as sea clay, a classic ingredient for facial masks.

A boxed set of Perlucine beauty products. Photo courtesy Perlucine. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

The two companies worked together to create the Perlucine line of sea bed cosmetics and treatments using wild oyster shells. The shells are gathered by hand washed and turned into powder to enrich the house’s all natural cosmetics. The shells — rich in calcium, minerals and trace elements —are used in producing beauty products and treatments for the skin, teeth and hair offering up a host of properties including regeneration and mineralization.

Products include a shower powder brought to liquid life with the water as well as a shampoo powder, facial cleansing powder and a toothpaste powder. All of the packaging is made with recyclable materials and plastic, so damaging to the sea, is banished.
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