Gourmet Fair

The Fabulous Fine Arts with a Gourmet Gazette Slide Show

This painting is being presented to the public for the first time and emanates from a private American collection. Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), Teuraheimata a Poturu, 1891, oil on canvas, 49,4 x 38,4 cm, Jill Newhouse Gallery

Paris, France — It is regarded as one of the finest art fairs in the world. The appropriately named Fine Arts Paris art show has been held in Paris since 2017. This year’s show goes on and is being is being held exclusively on-line. The galleries are presenting master works which can be seen from November 24th through to December 3rd at midnight. Some 55 exhibitors including 18 galleries from abroad will be showing up to ten works each, offering visitors to the site a rich cultural experience. An oil on canvas by Gauguin, a 15th century illuminated manuscript, a stunning painting by Hans Hartung are among the rare finds and proffer an artful experience to the visitor. The Gourmet Gazette brings you a preview of the show in a Gourmet Gazette Slide Show. The on-line viewing opens at 2pm on November 24th at https://finearts-paris.com.
©The Gourmet Gazette

A Gourmet Gazette Slide Show

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