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A Gourmet Gazette Eco-Friendly Find: Hoodies by Primitif Clothing

Sporting a hoody by Primitif Clothing made from 100% recycled materials. Photo ©Courtesy Primitif Clothing. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette

It all began back in 2019 in a suburb of Paris when two friends joined forces to create their line of eco-friendly clothing. Primitif Clothing was born fashioning hoodies in 100% recycled materials. The hoodies – who doesn’t love hoodies — are Made in France and available in black or gray. The cotton and polyester fibers used by Primitif have received both the Global Recyled Standard label which guarantees the fibers emanate from a virtuous recycling chain as well as the label Oeko Tex, which guarantees that the raw materials have not been exposed to elements that are toxic to humans or the environment.

The Malterre family knits the recycled fibers that the hoodies are fashioned with. Their workshops are located near Amiens in northern France and the family has been perpetuating its textile traditions for three generations now. Meanwhile the hoodies are made in the Loire Valley by l’Ithac which has the label France Terre Textile, guaranteeing its respect of the environment. The labels of the clothing are woven in Italy with recycled material as well.

Today 7,500 liters of water are required to make a classic hoodie. Primitif’s hoodies require only 50 liters of water because they are made with recycled material. A great find for then end of the European Sustainable Development Weeks. You can pre-order your eco-friendly Primitif hoodie on Ulule until midnight on October 9th at https://fr.ulule.com/primitifclothing/ !
Or after that date contact: team@primitifclothing.com
and visit http://www.primitifclothing.com/
©The Gourmet Gazette

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