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Happy Birthday Heinz

An interpretation of the Heinz Pickle with ketchup bottle ©Orla Walsh

One of the great American condiment sagas began 150 years ago in the state of Pennsylvania when a certain Henry John Heinz began selling horseradish, vinegar and a variety of other sauces near Pittsburgh, a city in the western part of the eastern state of Pennsylvania, in 1869. He would ingeniously sell them in clear glass so that the customers could see their quality. And it was in the 1870s that Heinz began to manufacture its now legendary Heinz Ketchup introducing it as catsup. Pickles would soon follow and in 1896 Heinz would coin its famous 57 varieties, because he thought 57 was a lucky number. He would become the only food manufacture to support the Pure Food & Drug Act setting a precedent for other companies to maintain quality and cleanliness in their factories. The Heinz company would go on to become a pioneer in the food industry introducing a research facility devoted to improving the quality of its products followed by a tomato breeding program. Its iconic octagonal-shaped glass bottle was introduced in 1948 and still graces dining tables the world over.

The Heinz Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ©Kraft Heinz

And even France, the gourmet and gastronomic country par excellence, is paying tribute to the wonderful world of Heinz in a pop-up exhibition from November 15th through to November 17th where you can enter into the world of Heinz through archives, documents and some visuals created especially for the show, whimsically entitled Guggenheinz.

The Heinz Pickle wagon circa 1900 ©Kraft Heinz

« Since the first bottle of horseradish sold by the young founder H.J. Heinz in 1869, we have never stopped improving the quality of our products to become today a brand that everyone adores. The vocation of this exhibition is to share with everyone the heritage, the particularities and everything that you surely did not know about this iconic brand, » explains Olivier Riomet, the president of Kraft Heinz France who is taking on the role of Commissioner of the exhibit.
©The Gourmet Gazette
Exhibition: Espace Corderie
14 rue de la Corderie 75003, Paris, France

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