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A Journey into A World: A World of Emmaüs

Nicolas is employed by Label Emmaüs, the association’s e-commerce site. Photo ©Nicolas Henry

Emmaüs, the French-based association for the poor, underprivileged, the homeless and all of those otherwise excluded by mainstream society is 70 year-old this year and more than ever its actions in favor of emergency housing, assistance in locating housing, helping others, reinsertion into the workplace, its struggle against digital illiteracy reflect the association’s driving principle of unconditional welcome. There are 288 groups in France today as well as 337 in 37 countries around the world, operating on the notion of solidarity. When someone in need becomes a part of the community they are immediately placed in a situation to also help someone else in need. The movement was founded by the French priest the Abbey Pierre in 1949.

Katia, after spending two years with Emmaüs now works for the hospital of Reims. Photo ©Nicolas Henry

An exhibition entitled Emmaüs, a Journey Around a World, showcases members of the communities, their story and their reinsertion through collage-style photographs created by the French artist Nicolas Henry. It brings together 100 photographs of members of the community that Mr. Henry photographed in his studio in the Parisian suburb of Pantin which were then « surrounded » with recuperated pieces of objects and fabrics found in the Emmaüs stores, to create a unique universe, as unique as each person’s story and road to return: the nurse whose pension wasn’t enough to live on, the musician who could no longer earn a living, the single mother of six. The show offers a glimpse into the hope and success of a world of solidarity, the world of Emmaüs, a world of hope.

Marvin lives at Emmaüs Solidarité in Paris. Photo ©Nicolas Henry

The free exhibition is being held through to October 27th at
Place du Palais-Royal
75001 Paris, France
For further information on Emmaüs

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