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Story: The Bodet Story, Made in France

The Bodet limited edition watch

Story: the Bodet Story, Made in France

The family-owned house of Bodet was founded in 1868 in the small village of Trémentines in Western France near Angers. And it would be in the church of this very same village that Paul Bodet, the company’s founder, would install his first mechanical clock. He had brought the movement back from Morez in the watchmaking region of the Jura mountains which he would enrich with an original transmission system to give the clock even more precision. More than 150 years later the fifth generation of the Bodet family, represented by Pascal and Sylvain, continues to install clocks, now electronic, not just in France but throughout the entire world. And their production sites remain in Trémentines and in the nearby small city of Cholet. And now you can wear that Bodet precision on your wrist for the house has just brought out its first collection of watches, the B480. The watch is ensconced in a handsome stainless steel square case, a shape which brings to mind the house’s clocks, with black hands set off by a white dial. The three watches in the collection have been brought out in limited and numbered editions.
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